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Trojan Kitten (noun phrase)

Motherhood: it’s a good thing, isn’t it? Who could object to it? Along with apple pie, it is axiomatically uncontroversial to be in favour of it. So, if you were invited to a demonstration in favour of motherhood or were asked in an opinion poll if it was uniquely valuable, you’d say yes, wouldn’t you? How could you not?

Anyways, you turn up at that motherhood rally and you discover that you are surrounded by people with banners saying “No to Gay adoption” and “God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve”. Congratulations, you’ve been suckered by a Trojan Kitten.

A Trojan Kitten is a proposition that, on the face of it, is completely reasonable and unobjectionable, but is used to smuggle something much more contentious within it. For the Intelligent Design movement, that fluffy little traitor is “Academic Freedom”, used by school boards infiltrated by religious extremists to push creationism. For the English Defence League, that perfidious juvenile feline is “demonstrating against Islamic Extremism”

This evening Nadine Dorries has managed to table an adjournment debate on abortion reform. This follows a Comres poll commissioned by the Christian Institute. Dorries’s campaign hinges on the right to “informed consent” on abortion. “Informed Consent”: who could object to that?